Frequently Asked Questions About Scholarships

Q:What scholarships are offered?

Scholarships are available for high school graduates attending 2 and 4 year colleges and universities as well as accredited vocational schools. Certain scholarships are available for students already attending college. Scholarships are organized into 2 groups according to those that accept the online “CBCF Application” and those that have and Individual “Outside Scholarship” application processes. The Coastal Bend Community Foundation Scholarship Committee selects the recipients for the Online CBCF scholarships. Outside Scholarships have paper applications with varying deadline dates and qualifying criteria and are administered by the Coastal Bend Community Foundation after an Outside Scholarship Selection Committee chooses these recipients.

Q:Is there an application fee for CBCF scholarships?

It’s free! There is no charge to apply for CBCF scholarships.

Q:What is the deadline for applying?

The deadline for CBCF Scholarships is March 1.

Scholarships in the “Outside Scholarship” section have varying deadlines; please check the requirements for each scholarship. If the application is to be mailed to the CBCF office, it must be postmarked on or before the deadline date. Faxes and emails are not accepted.

Q:How are eligibility requirements determined?

Donors establish eligibility criteria for their scholarships. For example, scholarships may focus on achievement, community service or financial need. Meeting minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee award selection.

Q:What if I am not a “straight A” student?

CBCF offers scholarships for a variety of students; while academic performance is important, it is not the only criteria. Recipients are selected based on the availability of funds and the competitiveness of the applicant pool for each scholarship.

Q:What if I am not sure where I will be going to school?

If you are unsure, you should indicate your first and second choice. Once you have made your final decision, please notify CBCF.

Q:May I apply for more than one scholarship?

Yes. The CBCF Scholarships have a single online application form. The program will place you into any of the 50+ scholarships for which you meet the criteria. You may also apply for any of the Outside Scholarships. Each of these scholarships have varying deadline dates and qualifying criteria. You may download the paper applications directly from our website or as directed.

Q:How much will I receive if I am selected as a recipient?

Awards for each scholarship vary. Scholarships range from $100 to up to $16,000, with the average award being $1,000. Please see specific scholarship information for award amount.

Permanent endowed scholarship funds may award more or less than stated based upon growth of the fund’s assets and consistent with the Foundation’s Spending policy.

Q:If I receive a scholarship, what do I need to do?
  • Promptly sign and return the Scholarship Acceptance Form included in your award letter to CBCF Program Director to confirm the college you will attend as well as providing us your student ID number. All scholarship recipients are required to write a thank you letter to their donor. Funds will not be dispersed until a thank you letter is submitted to CBCF.
  • For scholarships longer than one semester:
    • Notify the Foundation if you have changed schools or major
    • Notify the Foundation if you have a change of address, phone number or email address
    • Comply with any other requirements (forwarding transcripts, etc.) for renewal.
Q:Do I receive a check if I am awarded a scholarship?

All scholarship checks are made payable to your school and are sent to the financial aid or scholarship office. There is no exception to this rule. Checks are sent in mid-July (for Fall semester) and in mid- December (for Spring semester) upon receipt of necessary documentation provided by you or the school.

Q:Will a scholarship from CBCF impact my financial aid at my college or university?

If you know that your Financial Aid package will be affected and/or reduced, you will need to contact the Financial Aid Office at your school. They will provide the best options available to you and your situation to maximize the funds you are receiving from all sources.

Q:Are scholarships taxable?

For degree-seeking students who use the scholarship for tuition, fees, books and required supplies, the scholarship is not taxable. Please consult a tax expert or your school’s Financial Aid Office for advice if you and/or your parents have any questions.

Q:If I receive a scholarship one year, will I automatically receive it the following year?

While a few scholarships are renewable, most are one-time only. Each scholarship varies; please check scholarship specifics. You may submit a new application each year as many of the scholarships are for current college students, as well as graduating high school seniors.

Q:Does the Coastal Bend Community Foundation make the decisions about the awards?

A Scholarship Committee comprised of CBCF Board members reviews and recommends applicants for scholarships using the Online Application. The Committee’s recommendations must be approved by the full Board of Directors. Outside scholarship recipients are chosen by outside committees, subject to approval by the CBCF Board.

Q:Will my personal information be shared?

Your application information will not be shared with anyone except CBCF staff, the Scholarship Committee and the Board of Directors.

Q:When will I be notified?

All online CBCF applicants are notified in writing of the status of their application by the end of May. Outside scholarship recipients are notified by letter after the varying deadline dates.