Significant giving opportunities arise when clients are making major business or personal financial decisions. CBCF can partner with you and your client to develop the best charitable decision. The following are typical concerns for clients with charitable interests:

  • Year end tax planning –A donor or charitable advised fund will allow an immediate tax deduction for a year end gift and the ability to stay involved in recommended uses for the gift for years to come
  • Preserving an estate – CBCF can help reduce a taxable estate through a planned gift. Over 90% of wealthy donors intend to include charity in their wills
  • Establishing a private foundation –CBCF can help evaluate (link to comparison) simpler, more cost effective alternatives, while getting more money to charity
  • Sale of highly appreciated stock – By setting up a fund, the client receives a tax deduction on the full market value of appreciated stock, avoids capital gains taxes and can be involved in recommending charitable grants
  • Sale of a business – CBCF can help structure gifts to reduce capital gains tax.
  • Substantial IRA/401k assets – CBCF can help evaluate the most beneficial asset distribution to minimize taxes, giving more to heirs and preserving charitable intent

CBCF provides support at every step in the giving process by:

  • Assisting in the identification of your clients’ charitable interests and motivations
  • Creating and implementing charitable plans that are integrated into major business and personal financial decisions
  • Delivering grantmaking expertise and a range of administrative services