Your Planned Giving Resource
The Coastal Bend Community Foundation (CBCF) is a trusted, local institution that helps you and your clients address issues they care about most, while gaining maximum tax benefit.

The Coastal Bend Community Foundation can help you help your clients to:

  • Make a difference in their community
  • Maximize their charitable impact
  • Simplify their giving
  • Receive the greatest tax advantages
  • Minimize costs and administrative hassles

According to a recent study by The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, there has been a dramatic increase in donors’ use of legal and financial professionals to help them make charitable giving decisions. The study found accountants (44.3%), attorneys (42.9%) and financial/wealth advisors (27.8%) to be among the leading sources of charitable advice.

Advantages of working with CBCF:

  • Flexibility –one gift can satisfy a donor’s short and long term charitable interests
  • Tax Advantages – assets contributed to CBCF qualify for maximum tax benefit
  • Convenience – a fund can usually be opened with one brief meeting
  • Simplified Reporting – all CBCF funds are part of one annual audit and one annual tax return
  • Independence – our board of community leaders oversees CBCF programs. Their only interest is the ongoing needs of the Coastal Bend geographic region
  • Economy and Efficiency – with approximately $72 million in assets, CBCF enjoys economies of scale: our administrative fees are low
  • Professionally Managed Investments – with a large portfolio, our investments are highly diversified to minimize volatility and regularly monitored as to both allocation and investments