Investing in the Coastal Bend communities by your charitable gift to the Coastal Bend Community Foundation (CBCF) is an investment in the future. CBCF seeks to enhance your giving experience by providing personalized services for you, working directly with you and/or your professional financial advisor(s) to determine a plan that meets your goals and embraces your vision.

Your giving can begin now, with a fund you create, or it can be established through your will, or through a trust arrangement benefiting both your family and charitable organizations of your choice. Gifts can be made to celebrate special events in your life or for a cause you support, and are often given in memory of an individual. Gifts receive tax deductions for the year they are made.

Types of gifts range from cash or securities to oil and gas or other mineral interests. Other gifts include life insurance proceeds, distributions from retirement accounts or remainder beneficiary interests in charitable remainder trusts or other split-interest gifts.